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Andera antique design radiators


Andera Maastricht gespecalisezed in the restoration of the antique design radiators. With an own imports from America has Andera ± 80 different models of the antique classic radiators. Andera includes the antique Art Deco-radiator, the antique Jugendtill radiator, the antique Art Nouveau-radiator, the antique Rococo radiator itself and an antique radiator with a plate warmer!.

Andera maastricht test all antique radiators on 4 bar. So Andera is sure that the antique radiators do not leak. Andera gives also warranty at their restored antique radiatorswarranty cerivicaat and warranty label. Andera Maastricht can deliver the antique radiator in every colour that the customer want. Even has Andera Maastricht their own coleurs: the black Andera colour and the bronze coleur.

And Andera Maastricht can calculate the capacity of the room were the antique radiator has to be. And then Andera Maastricht can calculate the number of sections that the customer need so you never will have under of over capacity.

The company Andera they say: the beauty of the antique / classic radiator is the basis for the establishment of an individual housing.

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