Antique motif floor tiles

As you already know Andera Maastricht is more than 20 years specializing in the restoration of antique designer radiators. And of course Andera has an impressive stock of more than 80 different models of classic cast iron radiators.

But since 2005 the son of Roy Jacobs started his own company besidest Andera. Namely Hestia Maastricht it is specializes in antique ceramic floor motif tiles. So you have a choice of antique Art-Deco Floor Tiles, Antique Antique Jugendstill Floor Tiles, Antique mosaic Floor Tiles and antique Art-Nouveau Floor Tiles. Hestia Maastricht has a very thorough assortment of over 80 different patterns.

The antique ceramic Floor Tiles are hard baken and are perfect to use in kitchens, halls, toilets, bathrooms or even outside in the garden or porche!

Also at Hestia-Maastricht you are not required to buy the whole Floor but you can buy whatever quantity you need.

Also the customer has at Hestia-Maastricht the choice to buy antique Floor Tiles who are cut cleaned at the bottom or even with the old concreat at the bottom.

And ofcourse we can provide the transport through Europe and even world wide.

At Hestia Maastricht you can find: antique marble fireplaces, antique curio and antique stained glass.

Of course you can find both firms in one showroom so you can see not only antique radiators but also other crazy materials.


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